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Today I wanted to talk about responsibility. Because maybe if you have your own business, you also like to avoid responsability. I noticed that was a theme for me, because I always wanted to avoid things that meant that I’d have more tasks to do and be responsible for more things.


Because that would reduce my freedom. If I’m responsible for doing something, like a coaching call or a training for a group program, that means, in a way, that I have less freedom. Or I can see it that way. If freedom for me is having my schedule all open and no appointments all day – at least nothing that I must do for other people (that are expecting it).

So if you are creating of if you have your own business, that can be a problem. Because you’ll have more responsibility, as things go on, as you have more clients. And if you want to avoid that, and if that triggers you, then what can you do?

Here are some tips:

Start acting like a person who loves responsibility does! What if you loved responsibility? What if you loved doing things for others and that others expect you to do?

What if you saw your responsibilities just as gifts to others?

Another thing you can do is think that, if you’re going to have some responsibility, you might as well have a lot of it. Because the emotion is the same. So go all in and accept a lot of responsibility ;)

Here are a few journaling prompts you can use:
Now that I love responsibility I … and list how you think, feel, act on your day to day
Now that I love having a LOT of responsibility I …. and do the same as above.

Then take those actions.

And also, when you’re acting and having more responsibility, stay with that emotion. Stay with the thoughts, don’t buy into them. Accept what’s going on. And this emotion associated with avoiding responsibility will lose it’s power over you. And what’s better, you’re integrating a part of you that was in your unconscious mind and you can be more authentic.

I hope it helps!
In the comments, tell me: Do you avoid responsibility? Can you see it as being more free too?

Lots of love,

P.S. If you want help to create or develop your business, and you know that your mindset creates your reality, send me a message and I’ll tell you how I can help you. xxx

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