What if you’re already enough?

Have you felt that you’re not confident enough, or that you need to believe more in yourself?

I’ve felt that way and I think that everyone feels that way from time to time, at least about some things.

Do you agree?

I think it’s a very common belief that we think we’re not good enough for something we want to achieve. And so, of course we lack confidence and don’t believe in ourselves.

But if you think that the belief is just an opinion, an idea that your ego gives you, with the goal to stop you from going for what you are trying to achieve, to keep you in your comfort zone. And on the other hand, keep you constantly trying to improve yourself, so you can be better, and stay in a constant feeling of not being enough…

And if you know this, and you know that you aren’t your ego, that it’s just an idea that isn’t true…

Do you think you’d feel more confident and with more energy to do what you want and achieve what you want? I’d say that YES ;)

To be enough or to not be enough is an ego idea. Of course you are enough for anything, because you’re your true self, which is capable of anything, unlimited and powerful.

How can you tell the difference between being the ego and the true self?

Try meditating for a while. Close your eyes and start “listening”, observing your thoughts, your emotions. Who’s that part of you that is watching? It’s the true self. The part that’s listening but doesn’t buy into the story, doesn’t believe in the thoughts or emotions. Because they’re just interpretations of reality.

When you’re looking, if you feel the energy of that part of you, you’ll see it’s calm and different. It’s that part that you want to identify with, and start to see that you’re not the ego.

In conclusion, the idea “I’m not enough” isn’t real. It’s an ego thing. And when you see that you’re the true self, you can stop believing in that idea and see that you can do anything you want.

Instead of trying to change your beliefs, affirming the opposite, trying to improve yourself so you’re enough… you can just meditate, connect to your true self, and have all the power, now!

Lots of love,

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