Doing Your Duty

Today I wanted to tell you about doing your duty, doing what you feel called to do. Following your higher self, the things that your higher self tells you to do.

Are you doing that, or are you acting because you think you need to do certain things, to be successful?

The way to be free from your ego and from anxiety or depression around the results you have, is to see all your actions as your duty. And to perform them without expecting any results!

When you do your actions, the daily things you decide to do, without attachment to the results, you are free from new conditioning. If not, you tend to stop doing what isn’t working, and continue doing what works. Even if that’s not what you really want to do.

Actions aren’t as important for your success anyway. They are important because they create results in your life yes, they are important especially if they’re inspired actions. Actions from your soul. What you want to do and feel called to do.

But it’s not the actions, that create success. It’s the intention behind the actions, it’s the way you are acting, it’s the mindset you have while acting, it’s the vision you have for your life, it’s your belief or not, in yourself.

Actions are great and we need to act but the success comes from believing you can have it. And from deciding you’ll have it.

So you can start acting with calm and purpose. Doing your duty every day, without worrying if the action has the results that you want or not! You’re acting because it’s your duty, it’s what you feel called to do.

Then you can look at the results as ways to see what’s been in your mind… no results? Why do you think that is? What’s on your mind? Why are you creating this? And you may not believe you can work doing what you love for example, and so that’s what you create, the kind of results you have.

So if you want to free yourself from the conditioning and from the direction of your ego, start acting just in service to others and yourself too (You need to take care of yourself first ;)).

Act for the sake of the action. Give it your best, to anything you’re doing and act just for the joy of it. Do it just because it’s your duty.

Lots of love,

P.S. Want help to act more and to act better, in your business? Then send me a message and we’ll talk about how I can help you. xxx

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