Sally, the Victim vs Who You Really Are

Today I thought about telling you about Sally. Sally is a doll I bought, to represent my victim mentality, in 2017, when we were on a road trip from Alcochete to Barcelona. I decided to call her Sally.

Sally was the fearful part, the part that doesn’t believe she can do it, that is forever afraid and never gets out of her shell. This phrase actually triggers me a bit, because people used to tell me: You’re getting out of your shell. And it felt like a critic in a way, meaning that before, I was in my shell ;)

And the truth is, we all are. We’re all in our protective shell, that the ego did for us. And it’s hard to get out of it. It’s hard to get out of the Sally the victim mentality.

During our trip to Barcelona I was doing a course about being powerful and a part of it was stop being the victim. Giving it a name, and not letting the victim rule your life.

Now I know that the victim mentality, is something that’s so common in all of us, because it’s what we’ve been conditioned to be. We believe that’s normal. The normal is to be limited, to be limited by your circunstances, by your past, by your characteristics. That’s the usual way of looking at things, but that’s not normal.

The truth is that we are so much more powerful. We can step into that power anytime. It’s always with us. Yes, the ego is always there too. Victim Sally will never leave. But you can let her be there, and get her help if and when you need it, and then see the World with other eyes. With the eyes of your higher self. See the possibilities, know that anything is possible for you.

You can see that anything is possible for you. The answers are within you. You have everything you need right now.

It’s just a matter of: who are you going to believe and follow – victim Sally or your higher self?

Lots of love,

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