The business roller coaster and how to leap

Are you doing the inner work?
I don’t like very much that sentence because it reminds me of work, so it doesn’t sound very fun ;)

But really the inner work is the key for things to go well and for you to reach the destination you want to reach.

Because the actions you’re taking, the results you’re getting, come from what’s on your mind.

What you believe, what you feel.
That influences everything in your life.

For example, I used to doubt my business a lot. I used to think that maybe it wasn’t the right path, that it was an experiment. I was trying it out. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, let’s see how it goes.

But when that’s your mindset, what happens? If things go well you believe in yourself, you think things are good, and you continue what you’re doing. But if they don’t go well, you start doubting everything. Maybe you should stop. Maybe it’s not right for you.

And you keep on the roller coaster. One day you’re up and you act in your biz, the other day you’re down and you don’t act. Because guess what, when you’re down, the ego comes at you even with more strenght and it’s going to try to convince you, to stop.

So what can you do?

Here are some things:

  1. Don’t let the emotions control you. If something triggers you, work with it. And instead of feeling stuck in that situation, keep going. Keep acting through the emotions. But also don’t ignore them. You want to stay with them, feel them in your body and learn from them. You can do that with a meditation I have in the Success Bundle:
  2. Don’t believe the ego’s stories. Don’t go along with the thoughts in your head. You can create your own reality, in fact you’re creating it all the time, weather you think about it, or not. So what are you believing, what are you following?
  3. Choose how you want your life to look. Make your vision and refuse to compromise on it. If this is the business you want, it’s not an experiment. You need to know what your desires are. And then stand by them. Knowing that you can create anything you want.
  4. Act for the sake of the action, not for the results. Act so you can grow and learn from whatever comes up from your action. And that learning is going to show you your next steps. And is your biggest purpose. Act so you’re doing your duty, giving your contribution to the World. So you’re following your higher self and giving the best you can.

That’ll help you get out of the roller coaster and start to be more consistent in your business.

Hope it helps!

Lots of love,

P.S. Want to get out of the roller coaster for good? Send me a message and we’ll talk about it. xxx

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