The world is speaking to you

The world is speaking to you

Today I wanted to tell you about this experience I have now, of seeing how the World and the symbols in the World, are speaking to me!

There’s an interesting phrase from Einstein: “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

And that includes, I think, seeing everything as connected to you.

When you can feel how you are part of the World, how everything is connected to you, it’s so much easier to feel that everything is a miracle.

You just naturally do it. Life seems like something completely different, that you never thought about before. That you never even considered existed.

If you believed in that, if you already KNEW it was true, how is the World talking to you too?

What’s the message that it’s giving you?

Everything is connected to you, and you can see that all around you. What’s happening? What’s the message? What do you need to work on?

What are you unaware of? What’s the pattern you’re repeating, that keeps creating the same thing in your life?

The other day I was looking at some goals and visions I had from some years ago, and somethings are almost the same way. I realized that I didn’t change much about it, practically. I may have learned a lot but I still don’t apply it. I just stay in my comfort zone, hoping and “praying”, that things change.

I keep repeating the same thing, because I also keep believing, thinking, feeling, doing the same things. And I still didn’t look deep within myself and see, why do I keep creating this?

Afraid of going there, to the emotional state, where the difference is made!

On the other side, there are things that I changed. First thing was really making a decision that I was going to change it.

But it’s also, doing the daily work of being with myself, of noticing what’s around me, what are the messages for me? What do I need to work on? What’s the World trying to tell me? To show me?

If you’re tired of creating the same patterns, I’d love to help you change them.

Send me a message and we’ll talk about it!


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