Hi! I’m Lena!

I work with driven moms just like you, who want to embrace/ live their life’s purpose.

I went on a long journey trying to find my purpose, and know that drive to find your true calling.

It all started when I couldn’t decide on what profession to choose. I thought about being an architect, fashion designer or journalist. I also thought about being a dancer! My father wanted me to be an engineer, so I could work at his company. At the time I wasn’t able to trust my intuition alone, so I ended up doing Computer Engineering as my college degree.

I never did like the corporate world. I didn’t want to spend all my days sitting at a desk, closed off inside. And then I was laid off from my corporate job. When that happened, I made two decisions: I was never going to be fired again, and I was going to do my own thing.

At first I stayed home with my 3 kids, until they could all enter kindergarten. I wanted to be able to be there for them and give them what I felt was the best possible start to their lives.

When I re-entered the workplace, I worked in image consulting but was drawn to helping clients to go beyond the surface and have a deeper transformation. Many of my clients thought that style was going to make them confident but didn’t realize they also needed an inner transformation. Confidence is a feeling that comes from inside, not from the clothes we put on… although of course, it helps 😉

I became more interested in coaching through my business journey. I wanted to be my own coach, to have the energy, motivation, self-talk to help me succeed. In the process of becoming a coach, I learned a lot about myself and an important lesson. That it isn’t about chasing success or chasing the material World/ Rewards. It’s about co-creating your life with the Universe and finding peace and happiness within.

My profession changed through the years but in reality, my purpose always stayed the same. The greatest purpose of all is becoming your true self and as you do, awaken. You start to love, accept and know yourself. You start to contribute to the lives of others. And as you do, you find what truly makes you happy.

Finding your purpose isn’t just finding what you want to work on. It’s embarking on a self-discovery journey, to find what you love to do, reach your potential and live a meaningful life.

Through my struggle to find my purpose and a work that I love, I learned a lot. And now I’m here to help you find and live your purpose, much quicker!

I’m a Certified Jungian Life Coach and a Certified Member of the International Jungian Coaching Association. I help driven moms find their purpose and change their lives, through Jungian coaching.

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