Hi there! I’m Lena Penteado.

 I empower introverted moms to create the life they really want, in style. By knowing they are the creators, and that they can do anything they want. Then I help them to get clear on what their TRUE desires, and act confidently to reach them.

Want to reach your goals, in style? I can help you through my “Clarity, Confidence, Commitment” 1:1 coaching program.

We focus on clarity so you can be focused and know where you’re going, confidence so you believe you can reach your goals, and commitment so you are consistent in taking action to create them.

In this program we go deep into your mindset, resistance, patterns. We’re going to see what’s keeping you where you are, not creating the change you really want. And give you the power to reach what you really want, that makes you happy and abundant.

Finding your style will help you have confidence, an image that shows who you truly are, and an up leveled you that attracts your goals & dreams to you.

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Get started today on creating the goals, style & life that you love.

I’m a Certified Jungian Life Coach and a Certified Member of the International Jungian Coaching Association. I’m also a Personal Stylist. I’ve been working online, helping women all around the world change their style, since 2014. And helping women change their lives through coaching since 2016.