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Hi! How are you?

I’m Lena! And I’m here to help  you look and feel beautiful, confident and happy.

In a practical, simple way (because I know women are super busy) and while you have fun and get inspired.

Although I always loved fashion and style, for more than 20 years I didn’t like my style.

My main excuse? Style was something that some women were born with. As hard as I tried, I  just couldn’t figure it out. Reading fashion magazines, buying trendy clothes, spending hours trying on different outfits, nothing worked.

I ended up believing that some women were naturally stylish and I wasn’t… until I made a decision that changed everything. I could be stylish. And I was going to be, no matter what.

That’s when I finally discovered a way to know how to create amazing outfits, discover my style and know what I love wearing.

Now my mission is to make the world a happier place by helping women all over the world look & feel their best. Because every woman deserves to feel beautiful, every single day.

Are you ready to look and feel A-M-A-Z-I-N-G?

Here I give you the strategies and tools you need to look and feel your best, every day.

As women, it’s easy for us to not feel enough. In part because of the all the photoshoped images of “perfect” women’s bodies. And all the images of perfectly styled women, etc.

After trying and trying and not succeeding, there’s a tendency to give up and assume you’re not meant to look great. And settle. It’s completely natural to feel like this, and it just shows how frustrating it is to not know how to look good and wear clothes that work with your body and your style!


We’re also super busy: we have our career but also a lot of other responsibilities – taking care of the house, being there for our husband/partner, kids and family. Then we feel pressured to look like hollywood celebrities or models, who are paid to look fabulous.  This just makes us be more stressed and reduces our self esteem.

“In a Society that Profits from your Self Doubt, Liking Yourself is a Rebellious Act.”

I’m here to break that cycle. I want to free you up to look your best easily. And have more time and energy to enjoy life and be with your family and friends.

I believe that when you want something, that passion makes it a part of you. And, not only do I know that you can do it, you owe it to yourself to be your best: a gorgeous, amazing women.

How Do I Know I Can Help You?

I have lots of things to juggle: 2 sons and a daughter, husband, a career, house, family and friends, and so on. And although now I have my own company, I started out with a computer engineering degree and working my way up the corporate ladder for 6 years, developing websites.

They I had my first son, I decided to work part-time and eventually stopped working to stay home with him. Then I had my daughter and my youngest son, and ended up being a full time mom for 5 years. Because I felt that was the best for my kids and myself.

In 2007, when they all were attending school, one opportunity came along, to work in fashion (one of my passions). With my sister-in-law, 2 friends and a styling course, we founded one of the first Image Consulting companies in Portugal. We transformed our clients, and appeared in several Portuguese TV shows, where we did makeovers and talked about fashion and style.

Then in 2013 I launched this site and my first online program (Stylish EveryDay) which includes a style app (Choose Your Outfit). More than 30 women did the course and had amazing results!

In 2015 I did my coaching course through Mentor Masterclass, learning from some of the top coaches in the industry. Because I wanted to be able to help my clientes go deeper. Because I also believe that true change comes from within. And I wanted to know how to be my own coach.

My goal is to help women all over the world step into the lives they want to live – in style!

When I decided that I would love my style, it all started to change!

So if being gorgeous and confident is something you desire…

If you want to live the life of your dreams…

Know that it’s possible for you!

And I’m here to help you get there :)

Some Personal Stuff

I love…

Sports, reading, fashion, architecture, decoration and personal development, writing.

Watching good films and TV series (Game of Thrones, Modern Family, Harry Potter, etc.)

And I’m a bit obsessed about health and healthy eating… ;)

My favorite hobbies are…

Sports (choreographed step, yoga, walking in nature), Arts(fashion, architecture and home decor), re-decorating my home (my friends tell me my house never looks the same), learning more about personal development, watching TV and movies, and of course, reading lots and lots of books (self-help and also romances, mysteries, and so on).

I also loves being in beautiful places because they make me feel at peace and inspire me: the beach, lakes, parks and any place in nature, stylish restaurantes and hotels, monuments, etc.

In the holidays I love water ski (my father has a boat and he’s a ski fanatic :)), and going to the beach. If I’m near the water, everything is OK.


So you probably won’t be surprised to know that I’m learning how to surf :)

And what I love most in the world, are my 3 marvellous kids, of course!!!

Thanks for being here and let’s change your style, your image and your life, once and for all, so you feel FANTASTIC!

Hugs & Kisses,

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