When Things Aren’t Working Out

Today I wanted to tell you about those days when things aren’t working out… when you feel you can’t take it anymore. I had one of those days recently, and many more before and throughtout the years. One thing I learned was to not say “I can’t take it anymore”. But you know, those days when you can’t get out of the ego. When it tells you all the lies and you go along with them. And you don’t have the strength, or the will or capacity (I don’t know) to see… to rise above it and see yourself as the observer. And you go along with the thoughts of all the things that are wrong, the bad “what ifs”, into a downward spiral that seems to have no end… Today I wanted to tell you that tomorrow will be better. Or some time soon. Maybe you can then see…

Today I wanted to tell you about this idea: Everyone loves you! What if you could believe that everyone loves you? What if you weren’t afraid of the…

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