How to Wear a Full Skirt

Here’s a look that looks good and is easy to replicate: A full knee-length skirt. A cropped large tee (or top). And sneakers. I just saw this outfit in a girl and I loved it. She also had her hair a bit over the shoulders and she looked super nice! Styling a full skirt It’s easy to wear a full skirt. The most important thing is balancing the volume of the skirt. So choose tighter tops, or large but short, so you don’t look like a rectangle ;) They look good with sneaks, ballet flats, sandals (everything looks great with flat sandals, it’s one of Summer advantages :)), ankle boots. Who can Wear It? If you don’t have large hips, it looks great for sure. If you have, try it on. Sometimes the volume of the skirt disguises the hopes because it looks like it’s from the skirt. Other times…