Do You Want to Feel Alive?

Do you want to feel ALIVE? Do you know that feeling of feeling ALIVE? Feeling that you’re here, that you’re present? That life is AMAZING? I’ve been feeling this a lot more lately. Sometimes I think I’ve never been happier in my life. Of course that’s not true, because I remember being very happy before. But at one point, life became a little more depressing. For years I was unhappy most of the time. Then I had children and while they were little it was awesome. Now they’ve grown up, each one has their own life and they no longer need their mother as much, naturally. So I returned to my normal lethargic state again. But lately, things seem brighter, more beautiful. I’ve been reading a book – the Celestine Prophecy – that says seeing the beauty in things is an important step. When I read it, I realized that…