Becoming That Girl

So today I wanted to tell you about my “new” doubts. Yes, doubts are one thing that also keep coming back to me. As soon as things don’t go my way, I start doubting. As soon as hard times arise, I start doubting… After all, shouldn’t it all be ease and flow and everything going exactly as planned? Isn’t that the ideal life? Isn’t that what I signed up for? Isn’t that what I deserve or even what I’m entitled to? And if not, why not? Why do others seem to have it so easy and it’s not easy for me? Surely it’s because I’m doing the wrong thing. Or I’m on the wrong path and I just don’t know what I’m doing… We all had (I think) those times when things just flow. Like when I had my kids. Things just happened but everything was good. They came and…