The Magic of Taking Action (With No Motivation)

Do you know when you don’t feel like doing anything at all? You’re feeling tired or annoyed or a bit down… Motivation is at level 0. Well, a great way to change that state is taking action. Doing something. Especially when you don’t feel like doing anything and you’re tired ;) Unless you REALLY are tired and need to rest, of course. But a lot of the times, you’re not really tired, it’s just your mind making you stay wherever you are. Now when I have a thought like “I’m tired” I think – Ok, great, and what’s next ;) I don’t pay attention to it at all :) What I noticed later and the message I keep hearing is that motivation isn’t really that necessary. And motivation comes after you start. I’ve seen that in play when I workout. I decided to workout every Saturday in the gym, for…

One Thing that Stops You From Doing What You Want

Lately I’ve been feeling a lack of inspiration to write on the blog. There’s a lot of resistance! I talked before about my doubts regarding what to write about. On the one side, I feel like writing more about personal development, coaching, and so on. Which is one of my passions. I’m always learning more and discovering things that I think that are interesting for you too! On the other side, I think you rather hear about fashion and style. So I stay stuck ;) In the meanwhile, I’ve decided to write about the two themes, because really, coaching helps with any change, including your image and style. So I hope you like it! Today I want to tell you about resistance. I realized resistance sucks. And what is resistance? – you ask ;) For me, resistance is a super annoying thing that shows up when you decide to do…

How to Look Amazing with a Few Key Pieces

For the next 5 days I’m talking about how style can (and should) be easy! Today I want to tell you that you don’t need to have lots of pieces or the latest trends to look amazing. The truth is that you can have lots of pieces, buy all the trends and still hate your outfit. Why? Because looking great and having style isn’t about the pieces you have but about having the right pieces for you. And what are the right pieces for you? These are the pieces that: make you look great you love to wear make you feel  beautiful, comfortable and at ease There are lots of pieces like that! But today we’re going to focus on the few key basic items that make the difference in your wardrobe. And they make the difference because these are simple pieces you can combine in different ways, to create…

New 5-Day Free STYLE Challenge

Want to learn my easy formula to go from style rookie to style expert? As I promised last week, I’m going to show you the method I use to love my style and the way I look. I’m going to explain everything in a new 5 day Style Challenge. You can enter below: Enter the Style Challenge here Lots of love, Lena* Photo: Lovely Pepa

Having Style Can (And Should) Be Easy

Today I want to tell you a bit of my story and how there was a time in my life when, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t dress the way I liked. And how, after REALLY understanding how to do it, having style became sssssooooo easy. In a conversation with a coach I realized I’m a bit obsessed with methods and that’s why I created a method to have the style I wanted. Before I found that method, I just couldn’t do it…. After I found it I discovered my style, what I like to wear and how to make ideal outfits for me, pretty quickly. Having style can be totally EASY! It’s just opening your wardrobe, choosing a bottom, a top, some shoes and that’s it. Or a dress / jumpsuit + shoes. You can add some accessories, if you feel like it. If it’s cold, a…

Jewellery Ideas from LDJ (New Collaboration)

I have a new collaboration with LDJ, a collection with beautiful pieces that have a special meaning. These pieces are simple and a great basic, because they go well with everything. And the quality is excellent! “LDJ is a Portuguese brand based on minimalist simplicity, creating silver statement pieces” Check out the collection here Minimalist Cross Necklace: €24.90 €14.90 Skinny Cross Ring: €14.90  Boho Tribal Bracelet: €24.90  Boho Tribal Ring: €12.00 Tree of Life Necklace: €29.90  Tree of Life Earrings: €22.90 €15.00 The collection has six silver simple and minimalist pieces. They go well with everything and you can mix them together. The silver cross necklace is a classic. I also love the tree of life meaning, because it’s a symbol of connection with everything, of growth and strength. Prices go from €12.90 to €29.90. I hope you like it! Love, Lena*

4 Ways to Know What Pieces to Buy

Today I realized I don’t have any knee-length Summer pieces. All my Summer clothes are “too” short (almost). Because my work isn’t formal. I can wear whatever I want so I chose short shorts, short skirts and short dresses ;) I love warm weather but I need to feel fresh so, the less clothes, the better… ;) So I noticed I don’t have these kind of pieces. More formal, knee-length pieces. Dresses, skirts, shorts. In the Summer, I can’t wear pants. I’m addicted to jeans, specially skinny jeans, and they’re too hot for summer ;) So I decided to look for knee-length skirts and dresses. They’re nice for more formal situations too ;) So, the pieces you need to buy have a lot to do with you. We hear a lot about basics, but the basics a lawyer needs, aren’t the same basics a stylist needs ;) There are a…