How to Connect To Your Intuition & Have Clarity

Are you doubting yourself and your decisions? Today I decided to do an audio instead of a post, because lately I’ve been obsessed with podcasts. I’m always listening to something on the car, while cooking, while walking, etc. So I think they’re really practical :) This one is about connecting to your intuition / higher-self / soul and being able to have clarity in your life. When you’re feeling clear it’s so much easier to reach whatever you want. And following your intuition and heart is the most effective thing because it knows the best answers for you. Check out the 5 ways to connect to your intuition below: Lots of love, Lena* P.S. One way to hear your intuition is journaling. I’m doing a journaling course next month. It’s the right thing for you if you want to improve your connection with your soul, learn how to go deeper…