How to Wear a Loose Dress + Christmas Outfit

Do you like loose dresses? I love them because they’re so comfortable and give a more casual, relaxed look. I saw an add for a loose black dress from Bershka and I decided to buy it, if I like how it looks on me. It’s the one in the photo below: Then, last Sunday, while we were having lunch at Tibetanos (a vegetarian restaurant in Lisbon), I saw an outfit I loved. Also with a similar dress, but in green. I recognized the dress from Zara. I tried it on today and it looks great (the S size for me because the dress is quite large already – always try a smaller size with these large pieces). Now I just want to try the dress from Bershka to decide which one I’m buying ;) Or maybe I’ll buy both! You can see the complete outfit I saw on the first…