A Simple Way to Combine Prints + One Original Mid-Season Look

This is a quite simple outfit (tee + knee-length skirt), but it actually looks more complex because it has a mix of prints and a very colourful skirt. It’s also an original outfit for the mid-season, because most women don’t wear skirts. Or mix prints ;) I decided to share this with you to show you how to make a similar outfit with pieces from your own closet. Or from my closet ;) I have one pleated skirt in orange so I’m going to wear it. You can wear a pleated skirt from your closet or another full knee-length skirt. Then pair it with a t-shirt and pumps/ballet flats or other shoes: it also looks good with sneakers or ankle boots (the pumps and ballet flats elongate the legs, which is great with these longer skirts). In the first picture (click on it to see the full outfit) you can…