Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

I heard this phrase a long time ago, in a motivational video on you tube. He said: “You gotta be comfortable with being uncomfortable”, some times. I loved that phrase at the time, and felt it was true. But I didn’t understand it’s true meaning. At the time, I didn’t understand yet how my ego was holding me down, and trying to keep me exactly where I was. And using all the weapons it could. Since then I learned a lot about the ego and the higher self, our true self. And understood the difference it makes, if you listen to your ego, or to your soul. Right now the ego was telling me things. I’m feeling a sense of fear right now, don’t know why exactly. But the stories come right away. The mind is always talking. But I can turn instead to the music I’m listening to, to…

Today I wanted to tell you about this idea: Everyone loves you! What if you could believe that everyone loves you? What if you weren’t afraid of the…

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