How to Make a Routine to Work from Home

One of the most important things about working from home is having a morning routine. A routine that you decide to do every morning and that helps you to improve your mental state and to feel more energized and motivated for the day-to-day. This routine can have many things like: reading, meditating, visualizing, affirmations, journaling, exercise. There’s a great book about it called The Morning Miracle. I usually meditate for at least 10 minutes, I do a meditation or guided visualization. You have many on the Internet. Meditation helps you to be calmer, and also more aware during the day. Instead of reacting to everything. And then I connect to my Inner Adam. Which is our masculine part. And it represents the connection to the spiritual, for women. To do that you can close your eyes, imagine you’re in a place that makes you feel calm, and imagine that masculine…

Today I was writing this phrase in my journal. I am unlimited. I need to start believing that. I know that what’s stopping me, is believing that I’m…

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