80% of Success is Showing Up

Today I wanted to tell you about showing up, always. Because it’s not that easy… 80% of success is showing up… How do you need to show up? How to show up, really?  Well, you just sit down and open your laptop and do your work, for example. Which can be writing, sharing, creating content and giving and helping people. You enter the flow and you do whatever comes to you. That’s the right thing to do. What your intuition shows you. You never need to worry about the next step because it’s always shown to you. So, yeah, that’s just it right there. Showing up is what makes the difference. Showing up no matter what. No matter how you feel. When you feel great and when you feel down. Or not so great. Or that you don’t really know what you’re doing (You always know really). Showing up for…

So today I wanted to tell you about my “new” doubts. Yes, doubts are one thing that also keep coming back to me. As soon as things don’t…

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