Create Your Style for the Season (New Edition)

Today I want to tell you about the program Create your Style of the Season! I decided to do the program Create your Style of the Season because I realized that I ended up using variations of the same main outfits, as well as the bloggers / instagram women I follow. And that when you have the basic, simpler pieces, you can make this kind of outfits: that never go out of style, that always look good. I also saw that my clients were interested in this, in having a set of simple outfits, which they can always wear. And then also know how to put something different together and how to use the trends. Trends are good for adding something current, but we don’t need to be enslaved by the trends. Now I no longer worry about what everyone is wearing. The other day my daughter wore a white…

Today I wanted to tell you the second part of my style story. You can see the first part here: So if you remember we were reaching the…

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