Why Fashion Inspires Me + Get More Stylish

Today I thought about doing a post about fashion. Fashion’s something that calms me down lately. That makes me feel good. I think it’s because fashion is light, it’s inspiring, it’s a fantasy in a way. Fashion tells about amazing parties, going to the beach, being cozy at home with a soft cardigan. When you look at a piece of clothing, where does it take you? It can be to many places :) Fashion inspires me and if you’re reading this, it probably inspires you too! Here are some things that inspired me lately: Getting dressed with my CYOU app (you can get free access for a month here: CYOU app Alexandra Pereira’s instagram account – I recently loved her outfit ideas to wear at home and the shoes she’s currently loving (my favorite ones are the Chanel flat sandals, at the end). Check them out below: Outfits to wear…

Today I was writing this phrase in my journal. I am unlimited. I need to start believing that. I know that what’s stopping me, is believing that I’m…

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