Do you want to look good, quickly?

So today i want to tell you about having style and looking good, quickly. I want to ask you, why does it have to be quick? Today I realized that I’ve been wanting all my life, to take care of my style and image quickly. I want it to be quick, because I feel, I believe, that I’m wasting my time if I spend too much time taking care of my beauty. Maybe I’m too “futile, superficial”. I should be worrying about more important things. Who do I need to be, if I need to be that person who isn’t superficial, who doesn’t care TOO much about beauty or style? Well, I need to look good quick. I need to not waste time applying make up every day. I can’t spend too much time with my hair, or choosing an outfit. Because “it’s a waste of time”. And in a…

Today I was writing this phrase in my journal. I am unlimited. I need to start believing that. I know that what’s stopping me, is believing that I’m…

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