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Lost in the GAP? + How to Close It

Lost in the GAP? The GAp is a very used term in coaching which means the difference between where you are, and where you want to be! So look around and ask yourself, where are you now?And what is your goal, where do you want to be? With your business it can be that you’re starting out and you want to be at 10k months or 5k months. And how can you get there? You’re always in a Gap, because you always have new goals. And it’s in the GAP that we evolve and grow to the next level. While you’re in the GAP you’re learning new things, that will help you to close the gap and arrive at the other side. And you can have a gap in many areas of your life, of course. Each gap is another thing to conquer, to arrive at, to make life fun.…

Too weird, doing the wrong things, … Today I wanted to tell you about bringing to yourself, the parts you reject. What you don’t want to accept or…

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