Success Mindset


Are You Being Great?

Today I wanted to tell you about being a great woman. About being the woman that creates her life from soul, and lives her life from soul, and so lives an aligned life that makes her feel amazing! What is a great woman? I think that most of all is a woman who loves herself. That’s one thing I’ve been working on lately. Loving myself more. But I also take some tips from the book “The Science of Being Great”, from Wallace Wattles. I love a part he has, where he talks about starting at home. Because he says we start to be great at home. And a person who is great at home knows that nothing is wrong, everyone is all right, so if something isn’t working, it must be our own personal attitude. Isn’t that freeing? To know that you are the only one that can be wrong?…

Today I wanted to tell you about this idea: Everyone loves you! What if you could believe that everyone loves you? What if you weren’t afraid of the…

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