Success Mindset


Are you trying to be perfect?

The perfect life, the perfect business, the perfect you… It’s just stopping you from going to the party ;) What if you could show up as your messy self, as you’re right now? With your style maybe no makeup, a casual outfit. Not knowing more than you know now. Not being more proper or professional. What if you could just be who you are now, and that would be enough? Maybe you stay so close to that perfection ideal, and you want things to go super well, and you compare yourself to others… Maybe you do that to yourself, and you think you’re not good enough. You don’t have those perfect pictures, videos or body. So you can’t do it like her. You can’t show up, you can’t write your posts because you don’t write as well. You can’t show up on video because you don’t speak as well. You…

Too weird, doing the wrong things, … Today I wanted to tell you about bringing to yourself, the parts you reject. What you don’t want to accept or…

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