Success Mindset


Hold the Vision, Ditch the Self-Doubt

Today I wanted to tell you about holding the vision. And going in the direction of your goals, even if you don’t feel like it. Yesterday I realised I have many advantages, like liking to write, having lots of ideas and when I start, it flows really quickly. Yesterday I also realised that the most important things, that give us the best results, like writing for me, are many times the ones we least want to do. And that doesn’t mean you’re doing the wrong thing, but that it’s something hard, that is out of our comfort zone. Or maybe you’re just not used to doing it. Or whatever. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the wrong thing to do (it may be of course, but many times it’s the right thing ;)) I also realised I had a belief that if I shared my ideas right away, I’d run…

So today I wanted to tell you about my “new” doubts. Yes, doubts are one thing that also keep coming back to me. As soon as things don’t…

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