7 Ways to Replicate an Easy Style

I loved this blogger I found out yesterday, and her style. I was looking for pictures for my CYOU style app. Sometimes I find a blogger I adore. I fall in love with her style and I just keep adding more and more pics LOL. I love her style because it’s easy and stylish. She wears lots of sneakers, flat shoes, basics. Here are the … 7 Ways to Replicate an Easy Style 1. Wear a large straight dress with Boots It’s really easy to wear – just add tights if you want to feel warmer. And then ankle boots, sneakers, over the knee boots or as you can see on the pic, normal boots. Also, wearing only one color always works ;) It elongates the figure and it looks different. 2. A black dress with sneakers Here’s one look that you can adapt easily for Fall: Just add black…

Sometimes we forget about this. The work is the reward. The pain is a good pain. My grandmother used to say: “Everything worthwhile takes work.” It’s a saying…

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