Why you aren’t acting

Today I wanted to talk to you about not acting. To think: I need to do this, I should do this, for example … I need to ask for a divorce, I should stop doing this job that I hate. Thinking, I can’t bear to work here every day anymore, or why do I stay in this marriage? And for a moment you feel that there is another possibility, you feel that you can change your life, you can even make a decision … But in a little while you are thinking differently. Maybe I’m hurrying, it’s not that bad. Maybe he changes, maybe I need to like living where I am. Maybe I can’t do it alone, maybe this is my fate, my destiny … Has it happened to you? In the first part, your higher self showed you what is possible: This situation is no longer acceptable, I…

Sometimes we forget about this. The work is the reward. The pain is a good pain. My grandmother used to say: “Everything worthwhile takes work.” It’s a saying…

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