Life Coaching

My personal development journey started pretty early on!

I remember reading the book “How to win friends and influence people” when I was a young teenager. It was part of my father’s library, in my grandma’s country house.

I always loved reading and learning. I also loved how reading and learning made me feel.

Since that time, I imagined that I would one time write my own personal development book. That’s still a goal for sure :)

When I started my online business I got even more into self-development and coaching.

Because I saw how my mindset was the key for my own development and happiness. And how it was also essential for my clients, so they could really change their lives.

And I saw how having my own coach made all the difference.

So I decided to become a coach too.

I did a life coaching course in 2015 and then another one in 2019-2020, where I got my certification. You can learn more about the courses at the end of the page.

What a Coach & a Jungian Coach Do

A coach helps you to change and improve your life. To reach your goals and grow. It can be a goal of having better relationships, finding love, expressing your talents better, find your purpose, become more spiritual.

Whatever the goal, a coach knows what motivates you and what holds you back. What trips you up. What weakens your self-confidence.

So a coach helps you perform at your best, in whatever you’re doing.

In Jungian coaching, we are going into the unconscious mind, with Jung’s method.

We discover what’s stopping you, in your unconscious mind.

We us the unconscious because it’s the most easy and efficient way to get lasting results.

We use a system to work with the Mind and the Unconscious

Here are the 3 main tools:

  • Visualisations – a way to work with the unconscious
  • Emotions – working with emotions
  • Dreams – understand our dream life and what it shows us (dreams make our unconscious conscious).

When we understand our motivations, we can direct our life.

We go from the ego, the centred self, to our true self, our higher self. 

Who we really are.

Tool 1. Visualisations

We use visualisations to go into your unconscious mind and make it conscious.

You’ll get some guided visualisation and you just need to follow along to get insights that only you can give to yourself. I’ll help you understand what’s coming up too.

Tool 2. Emotions

Your strong emotions show you what’s in your unconscious too.

They show you who you need to be. And what’s missing in your life.

With this work you get into control of your emotions and you learn how to use them in your favour.

Every trigger is an opportunity to know yourself better and to feel stronger and more powerful.

Tool 3. Using Your Dreams

When we work with dreams we see how we are connected to something bigger in our lives.

If you are struggling with something, you can have a dream that shows you exactly what’s unconsciously stopping you. If you feel that you’re not getting results in love or in your career, you can get the answers in your dreams.

I’ll help you interpret your dreams so you can receive the answer your unconscious is telling you.

And I’l show you how you can do it too.

This is a tool I use every week, to connect to my unconscious and receive the answers that that show me the next step to take.

In dreams your higher self talks directly to you, and shows you the way. And you feel connected spiritually.

Mentor Masterclass Life Coaching (2015)

I decided to do a coaching course in 2015, which was my first one. From Mentor Masterclass. We learned a lot of tools and methods, especially from NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Here are the topics we focused on:

  1. Goal setting
  2. Health Coaching
  3. Inner & Outer Game Techniques
  4. Massive Action
  5. Career Coaching & Coaching Entrepreneurs
  6. Identity & Accountability Coaching
  7. Metaphor & Archetype Coaching
  8. The Keys to Motivation
  9. Life Purpose
  10. Time Management & Productivity
  11. Power & Leadership Coaching

Creative Mind Coaching Certification (2019-2020)

After my first coaching course, I decided to learn a deeper coaching method, from Creative Mind Coaching. It’s the method I use and apply the most in my life and with my clients.

It’s based on Neuro Science, Jung’s Psychology and Eastern Philosophy.

What we learn:

  1. Ego & The Psyche
  2. Working with a Client’s Resistance to Change
  3. The Creation of the Persona & It’s Shadow
  4. Working with the Shadow
  5. Visualisation & Active Imagination
  6. Mindset Practices for Creating
  7. Spiritual Psychology of Archetypes
  8. Advanced Jungian Dream Interpretation
  9. Individuation Phases
  10. Different Coaching Tools

Calm & Powerful

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