praise_marissa“Lena specialises in style advice for busy women, which is
exactly what I need since having my girls. One thing I’m not naturally good at organising is my style – I tend to just forget about my hair & clothing and leave myself till last when I get ready, which often results in no make up and boring hair! Since meeting Lena and subscribing to her email newsletter I’ve been inspired to make more effort with myself and am loving
feeling pretty and modern again.
Marissa Roberts, Blogger at Beautifully Organised

“Before buying Stylish Everyday & the Choose Your Outfit App, I kind of saw myself as a ‘lost cause’! Now I try on more things than I would have tried before (a wider
variety) and I have more of an idea about what would go with what. That’s a BIG
improvement on how I was before (i.e. clueless!)

The app is so amazing! I love so much that I can search for specific things (read: flat shoes!) and that I don’t have to go and buy a pile of fashion mags just to know what is ‘in’. I have never been interested in fashion magazines so having a ‘one stop shop’ to go to for inspiration and ideas is perfect for me.

I have more idea about what goes together now and it’s great to already have an idea in mind before I shop. I really loved the Stylish Everyday course – perfect for a style ‘rookie’ like me.

I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who, like me, feels that perhaps the ‘fashion gene’ just bypassed them and they feel overwhelmed by everything that’s on offer. It’s perfect to get you comfortable with looking at different combinations and making style seem less scary!

Also, I loved the FB group and that Lena was there to go to for advice if I needed it.”
Sophia M., Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Blogger

praise_alda“My style and life changed because I feel more confident about myself. I feel like I have evolved in my self-esteem and confidence in identifying my previous style mis-steps. My style is becoming more and more streamlined as I used the Choose Your Outfit App and what I learned in the Stylish Everyday course. I love how easy it is to use, and that it’s made me more certain in the way I feel and present myself to other people. It gave me more security and self-esteem. Lena’s knowledge benefits all women who feel lost about their style and insecure about themselves.”
Alda Neves, Judicial Officer

“My life and style changed mostly by using the app. I take a lot of ideas from
there – it’s of huge value for the program! What I loved the most was the mood and language of the site (motivating, optimistic, worth it). And the great taste of the looks. I LOVE the app. Now I program my outfits for every week and I can keep up with the current trends, easily. It’s great for every woman!”
Rita Knoblich

praise_catarina“My style changed because I started organizing my closet better and was able to combine adequately different pieces together, sparing a lot of time. My favorite feature is the fashion tips and the fact that it helps create outfits for all different occasions (with Stylish Everyday and the Choose Your Outfit App I am more organized and I manage much better the time I used to take to combine pieces). Lena’s course and app are a great help for people who, like me, had difficulty organising outfits and getting dressed for various situations.”
Catarina Maria, Psychologist

“Stylish Everyday & the Choose Your Outfit App simplified my life because now I can quickly combine outfits and it helped me organize my shopping trips. I love that it’s very intuitive and that I can find every style. Now I feel like I have a much cooler style. I recommend it because it’s a way to raise our confidence and simplify our life in terms of what to buy and what to wear day to day. Thanks Lena!”
Ana Maria Fernandes

praise_joana“I always liked to dress well, according to my personal style. With the beginning of the adult/work life, there was a time when I didn’t know what to wear or even buy. I felt like I couldn’t wear this or that because it weren’t “work clothes”, but, on the other hand, I also didn’t feel well wearing the “adult clothes”. I lost all confidence in myself and in my figure/style. In the beginning of this year I met Lena and my life/vison changed completely. I understood that being at our best mustn’t be a painful thing, it should be the best part of our day. So I had to sign up for Stylish Everyday, I felt that I needed and need to learn more. Now I know that looking our best doesn’t need to be a painful thing, it should be the best part of the day. I can say that my expectations were overcome. I’ve grown as a human being and I’m getting back my confidence in myself. Thanks Lena.”
Joana Ferreira, Speech Therapist

“The Choose Your Outfit App helps a lot when I don’t know what to wear in the morning or for a special event. My favorite part is that I can segment my searches. Stylish Everyday & the mobile app is great for any woman that has hesitations about what to combine, what to wear and when.
Catarina Andrade, Communication & Events Management

praise_catarina-mI started buying new pieces in neutral tones and using my new knowledge in the choices I make. Today I bought two pencil skirts (camel and white) in colors I never had used and I loved the way I looked! It feels great to escape dark colors and at the same time being able to disguise larger legs… Exploring the App I discovered that there are some key items missing in my closet, so I’m going to use the basics list from Stylish Everyday and analyse my wardrobe to decide what to buy. I want to keep a special place in my closet for the pieces I’ll learn to discover with the mobile app.
Catarina Moreno, Graphic and Web Designer

“Hey Lena! Looking great has never been so effortless! I love the fact that everything you write to us out here is very practical and does not require rocket science!”
Winnie Kerry

praise_sylvieI’m addicted to Stylish Everyday! I already discovered a lot of interesting points:
1. I think my hips are too big and I feel better with dark bottoms because they help me disguise them, so I eliminated from my wardrobe the pants that don’t flatter me.

2. I feel more at ease with an eclectic style because I like to dress according to the occasion (work, go for a drink, band practice, etc.). Yet my base style is definitely casual-chic, so I eliminated the clothes that I never wear. I like them, since they’re different or beautiful but I won’t be in that dreamed up situation.

3. After having selected a lot of outfits in the mobile app I noticed a pattern: I like original tops, that call attention, so I decided to invest in more tops to revolutionize my wardrobe.

And it’s all for today, I want to express my joy for your having created these programs :)
Sylvie Gomes

These two videos are in Portuguese but you can see the transformation we did:

Alexandra Baleia – Diretora de Cena

Alda Neves – Oficial de Justiça

“I can’t wait to receive the newsletter every week. I like looking at the pictures and seeing how I can use what I have in my wardrobe and then seeing what I may need to get. Using Lena’s blog has helped me to overcome some of my fears of wearing certain clothes as I understand more how to put pieces together. It feels great to be able to wake up in the morning and just take 5 minutes to put a perfect outfit together. Thanks Lena…carry on!”
Anusha Dooldeniya

Lena understands style better than any other stylist I have ever read. Her breakdown of casual chic style de-mystified the style in a manner that made it simple for me to achieve. Thanks, Lena”
Donna L.

Since I bought Stylish Everyday & the Choose Your Outfit App it’s much easier to create outfits every day and I feel much more confident. I’ve learned a lot about style and all the photos in the app have helped a lot. I think the course & app helps those who love fashion to always feel at their best. I feel like I know myself better, and I have more confidence in myself.”
Ana Paula Lameirinhas, Flight Attendant

“With the Stylish Everyday course and the Choose Your Outfit App I feel supported in case I don’t know what to wear. My favorite part is that I can choose exactly what to wear and find out the right look with all the details. What I learned with Stylish Everyday made me change different aspects of my life.”
Isa Silva, entrepreneur

Since I started to use the ideas in Stylish Everyday I’m more bold and fashion forward! I loved the course and the fact that I can visualize different outfits to get ideas. I feel happy and I know how to dress well! The app is super useful to make us feel and look great.”
Miriam Jales, entrepreneur

I just wanted to thank you for such an informative blog and your videos that I have watched are great. I have never felt more inspired to change my look before. I am a mom and my style has become really comfortable, but a bit slouchy, I don’t feel confident or happy with what I wear and I am always buying tops that don’t match pants or weird mismatched outfits. I never knew that hair and shoes were so important as these are the 2 places I have neglected. I have read many fashion blogs, but yours has been the simplest and easiest to follow and I feel that I have the right tools to make the change. You are truly an inspiration. I am also going to try your app as I am sure it will make everything so much easier. Kind Regards”
Bianca Moulde

This is the BEST website I have found with secrets on beauty. I am a tall slender girl so looking feminine doesn’t come naturally to me. However, your secrets and tips make me feel empowered. I actually have hope that I will pull together a more feminine look that will turn the heads of others and not in an immodest way. Thank you for your help!”
Rebekah Nelson

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