Are you really going for your dreams?

For what you see in your mind?

Are you tired of trying different diets with no results?

Of listening to experts that really don’t help you?

Are you tired of feeling you can’t reach your ideal weight and keep it? 

Or that’s too hard? That you have to sacrifice too much?

Do you believe that you are deprived when you’re trying to lose weight?

Do you think you’ll never be able to eat certain foods you love, again?

I want to show you how to lose weight, in a way that respects your lifestyle, your tastes, and what you love to eat.

Because you’ll never lose weight and keep it off, if you feel you can’t eat what you love again…

I couldn’t at least.

In my teens, I loved sweets so much that I’d rater eat a meal with just sweets then to let them go.

It’s hard to let go of the foods we love. It’s hard to think that we have to eat in a certain way, that we don’t even love, that is completely different then what we ate until now.

That’s why you need a new way of eating, that you can adapt to yourself.

And you evolve from there.

Having a healthy lifestyle is really important to keep the weight off. I love vegetables and fruit. I’m working on being a vegetarian as we speak ;)

There are lots of shifts to make, lots of things to learn, but in the end it all boils down to:

How much energy do you need to live? How much energy do you need to lose weight? Eat that way and then add some more energy until you are maintaining your weight.

I’m not a nutritionist or a specialist in diets. I’m just someone who had to learn by herself. And learn I did :)

Now I can teach you what I know, at least the most important things that will make the difference for you.

That will help you reach the body you want.

I’m going to show you how to lose the excess weight for good, because you can do it and it’s not that hard… when you know how to do it!

This method is great because you can adapt it to your lifestyle and tastes.

I’m super excited about it because now I know how your health is important and the difference what you eat makes in your life.

I’ve been helping people for free with this, so I decided to finally make a program out of it!

Here’s what we cover:

  • The right way to eat
  • How to eat for being healthy, feeling great and losing the weight you need slowly, but for good.
  • How to stay thin forever
  • How to be able to eat whatever you want: you’ll learn how to eat in a way that’s right for YOU
  • The way to stop feeling deprived (hint: there’s no forbidden foods)
  • How to exercise and create a routine that works for you
  • The mistakes to avoid about food and exercise
  • You gotta have the right mindset: to deal with challenges/struggles while you’re trying to lose weight
  • Why it’s good that you indulge some days (nothing is ruined ;)) and what to do moving forward
  • How to eat at parties – your anniversary, birthday parties, Christmas, and so on – when you’re trying to slim down and maintain your weight
  • When it’s Ok to eat more
  • What you should never eat at night
  • And much more

This program will change your life, because you are what you eat!

This is for the woman who…

  • is tired of tring different things and not getting results, and is ready to change it all, once and for all.
  • is ready to do what it takes and doesn’t have excuses about how she can’t do it.
  • knows she can do it, that she can have anything she wants and now is the right time
  • is sick and tired of not having a body she loves 

This is not for the woman who…

  • keeps making excuses for things that don’t work out for her.
  • complains and blames everyone else for her results
  • doesn’t take 100% responsability for her life.

Here are the details:

It’s a 6 week course and it starts on November 1st. You’ll get new content during 4 weeks and two weeks for implementation/asking questions! 

The first video is already done and the PDF with the meal plan too.  

We’ll cover:

  • What to eat to be healthy and fit
  • How to eat to lose weight and then maintain it
  • How to create your own meal plan (perfect for where you are currently in your weight loss journey, what you like and want to eat)
  • Exercising, and how to actually enjoy it and be motivated to do it (how to find the perfect exercises, and start loving the gym)
  • Answer to all your questions like:
    • What can I eat at each meal?
    • What’s the best way to lose weight so I don’t put it back?
    • What should I do every day
    • What to do if I have a craving, what can I eat if I want a dessert, etc.
  • And much more

Now this is why you’ll love this!

The problem I see with most diets is that you have to go into a restrictive way of eating, and then you go back to the way you ate before.

There’s no education, there’s no plan to change your habits while still keeping the foods you like. There’s no preoccupation with what you love to do about your food. You have to make radical changes. And that never works.

What works thought, is you making the changes you want to make. Based on what you know works for you.

I’ll show you how you can adapt this way of eating to your lifestyle, tastes and habits.

And you can use this method for any phase in your life – pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum, if you stop exercising, if you start exercising, etc.

You also get two bonuses:

  • A Quick Start Challenge (one week), to start your weight loss journey
  • Weekly accountability: send me your progress and questions, and we’ll set new goals, and see what to do moving forward

So this is my story:

I decided to lose weight when i was 15. I wanted to lose a lot of weight because I wanted to look like a model.

So I had to lose the excess weight and more (I lost 14 Kilos by the way)! Because as you probably already noticed, models usually don’t have a healthy weight ;) 

Then I gained weight, lost weight, gained, lost, gained, lost – you know how it goes. It was super frustrating, and I was sick and tired of it…

I always loved sweets and I gained weight pretty easily, or so I thought. I came to realize later that I really ate a lot. But for me it wasn’t a lot, it was just what I got used to eat as a teenager.

I ate whatever I wanted. My parents didn’t have any restrictions. My grandmother liked to see me a little chubby if you know what i mean ;)

So I got used to eat and eat well. Later on I learned abut the normal size portions, and that made a big difference. 

But what made the biggest difference was finding a method that allowed me to keep eating the things I loved at the time, like cookies or a piece of cake.

I made some adaptations like: I can eat as many vegetables as I want. No restrictions. Seriously, I couldn’t lose weight if I was always feeling hungry and that I didn’t have enough to eat…

So I ended up being able to lose the weight and keep it off, because I didn’t feel that it was a way of eating that would change everything for me and not let me eat the things I loved.

I just learned how to eat the right way, the healthy way, and the right portion size, keeping the foods I loved also.

So when are YOU going to make it happen? Is it TODAY? I hope so!

You can start now and I’d love to help you.

I can’t promise you that your whole life will be amazing and that everything will change once you do this program. I can’t even promise you that you’ll lose the weight and keep it off.

Seriously, as you probably already know, feeling that your life is amazing comes from inside and there’s nothing in the exterior that can give you that, sustainably. 

But if you apply what I teach you, you’ll feel great about your body and the way you eat. It won’t be a problem anymore.

Losing the weight and keeping it off, depends on how committed you are to the program and if you implement what I’m going to teach you.

I can promise you thought, that if you do what I’ll teach you inside, you will lose the weight and keep it off.

So, if you’re ready to do it, let’s start now!


Are you a VIP?

Do you want extra support during the whole program, plus two 1:1 calls with me? You can private message me anytime and I’ll help you personally.

I’ll also keep you accountable and we’ll have weekly message check ins to see your progress. And decide on next steps to take.