Success & Style Mastermind

Uplevel your life. Create your stylish and successful version, now.

A guided success and style transformation experience.

This is the mastermind for upleveling your style and your success.

The Success & Style Mastermind is a 4 months mastermind, where we’re going to create your new style and success through my exclusive methods.

It’s not just about style. It’s also about the success mindset.

It’s loving who you see in the mirror, having confidence, and becoming attractive to everything you need to live your best life. 

You’re going to become the woman you’re meant to be.

Exclusive opportunity: I never did this before

This is an unique opportunity.

I’m looking for 10 women who want to love the work they do, be more abundant, feel they’re contributing + love the image and style they have.

Starting next month, I’m hosting a live course revival of my signature course Stylish EveryDay, designed to get you the image and style you’ve always wanted.

These are proven strategies and content, to increase your style and confidence and transform the way you look.

And I’m adding a new live Success course.

I’m going to be refreshing the entire Stylish EveryDay course (6 modules) with brand new content and trainings in video and audio!

And the new Success course will have 8 modules.

I’ll be launching publicly in the Winter and I’m looking for 10 women who want to go through the content with me LIVE now, in exchange for feedback and personalized coaching.

This isn’t free, however it’s only a fraction of de cost that it will be when it goes live to the public.

You get:

  • access to proven content, lessons and strategies to create an image and style you love
  • access to the new course Success & Abundance, so you work doing what you really love, makes you feel fulfilled and gives you more abundance
  • exclusive access to me for 120 days in exchange (not available on the same level, when it goes public)
  • personalized success & style assessment from me (not available when this goes public)
  • you in the drivers seat. You get to tell me what’s good, what’s not, what’s confusing, what’s missing, what needs more info, etc.

When you invest today, you’ll get instant access to:

1)  You’ll get to work closely with me throughout the 4 months  

2)  You’ll get access to all the exercises in my SS Process 

3)  You’ll get access to the Stylish EveryDay course (and new video and audio trainings) – See more info about the course here

4)  You’ll get 4 months access to the CYOU (Choose Your Outfit) style app 

5) You’ll get access to the new Success course (8 modules)

6)  You’ll get lifetime access to the  Success & Style Challenges 

7)  You’ll have lifetime access to a private community of driven women 

8)  You’ll get a 1:1 phone call with me to discuss your goals so I can keep you and your goals in mind throughout the program 

BONUS: Beauty guide, for those who invest in the first 2 days. 

* Limited seating available*

We start in September 2020

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P.S. This photo is my style before and after ;)