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Step 1. Use my testimonial template

Here are 5 questions so you can organize your thoughts. All you have to do is copy the questions below to a new email, answer them and send the email to

1. What was happening or what were you feeling before you began using one of my programs/ services?

2. What exactly did you feel you needed to understand about style and fashion?

3. What specific lessons did you learn from using one of my programs/ services?

4. What was the result of that and where are you today because of your new insights?

5. How did that make you feel?

Step 2. Optional: Leave a video

Video testimonials are the most compelling and helpful. Once you have your testimonial written in that email template, you can use Photo Booth or Quicktime player to record your video, and share it on youtube or vimeo. Then you can send the link to your video on the email.

Step 3. Attach your photo

Finally, if would be great if you could attach a photo of yourself. It really helps others connect with what you said!

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