Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself and change the world

Do you believe in yourself and do you believe that anything is possible for you?

Because what happens is that your ego, the part of you that doesn’t believe that everything is possible and that only shows you all the limitations and how you have to be BETTER …

That part will try to stop you and say it’s not worth it, you can’t do it, you’re less than the others.

Truth: we all think we are less than, so what does it matter? It’s just your ego, trying to make you more, better. Trying to make you improve because you’re not enough now.

But what if you already had everything you need now?
To succeed in your business, to have a man you love, to have a life you love?
What if you already had everything inside you, and you have always had?

That’s the true perspective. Not the limitations that you’re always giving yourself and that you think the world is giving you.

The World gives you what you expect to have, it’s all a reflection of what’s on your mind.
But you can also access your true self, your higher self. You can become the observer who has power for everything, just by taking a step back. And instead of believing the stories in your head, you start looking at them and thinking about them. How interesting, this story that I am worse than others. How interesting, that I should be ahead, that I should be doing better. How interesting, that I’m failing. Who said it? Who defined it?

The ego, of course. Because your higher self isn’t going to tell you that you’re failing, that you should be ahead, none of this just because, it’s not the truth!

Think from a higher point of view: Is it true that you should be ahead? Is it true that other people are better than you? Is it true that you can’t do it?

No, none of this is true. It’s just thoughts, ideas, that we can choose to follow, or not.
Things change when you choose to believe in the truth first, of your higher self. From the observer and not from the part that thinks, that strategizes, that tells you everything that’s wrong …
When you believe in the greater truth, and even more so, when you are the greater truth, there you have power. There you are believing in yourself.

And how could you not believe it, if you are connected to everything and if you’re everything. Is it possible to be part of the Universe and, at the same time, not have the power of the Universe?

I don’t think so!

So, see who you are being in each moment. And if it’s the ego, if you are thinking that it’s not possible for you, that things aren’t working, etc. Go to your higher self.

How do you do that? Just observe, watch. Listen to these ideas, these thoughts, but from the point of view that they aren’t true, they’re just your story, the ego’s ideas. Let them go, let them be there. There’s no need to change anything, just to know, that you’re not the ego. You’re the part that has all the power, to do whatever you want.

And when you know that, how can you not believe in yourself?

Lots of love,

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